Data Age Presents: The E-Team


As we come off another very successful NPA Expo it is obvious that understanding why planning, leadership, and focus make a big difference in any business. In business, it all starts with a goal and a brand promise.  At Data Age/PawnMaster it is simple, treat them like family and put our clients in the best possible position for success.

Many industries are very dynamic and find themselves consistently presented with challenges on every level. Our industry is no different. Once the mantra and goals have been set and validated by the market, planning then comes front and center. Many firms fall very short of the mark here and easily go astray by focusing only on themselves and losing sight of their customers. They are more concerned with industry posturing and build a fragile shell of a business to then position for acquisition. Again, losing focus on the customer. Once you’ve determined your plan, staying the course and executing is the most important and by far the hardest thing to achieve. Execution of great ideas and solid game planning for many fall very short.

For the past decade or so our executive team has met every Thursday to ensure every aspect of our business is being reviewed at the most detailed of levels. We start with our technology review led by Billy Booth. From here we move across the aisle to our Director of Finance to ensure all is running well and to ensure our customers are well-positioned when it comes to the pricing and programs we offer them. The next step is a review of our technical support and development teams. We set the standard for the industry in both departments and are always striving to get better and to learn from the previous weeks work. Human Resources and Operations follow and this see’s us evaluating everything we can get our hands on to ensure the entire business is running smoothly. This section has a profound impact on our clients and the culture of the organization, which transcends back to our clients in the way we work with them.

Finally, our C-level suite of executives make sure we are on course, on pace and on point with the vision and long term goals of the company. Understanding the inner workings of a company allows the customer to build trust with the parther as they make an investment in their business future. Teaming with a true partner who is not only looking to excel in the short term but striving for sustainability in the long term should be the goal for any customer and should be the plan for any business.