Data Age Business Systems Acquires SellerVantage, Advancing the Future of eCommerce for Pawn Shops and Second-Hand Sellers


Data Age Business Systems, the developers of the industry-leading point-of-sale software suite including PawnMaster and Buy/Sell Plus, acquired SellerVantage from That’s Us Technologies, LLC., an eCommerce inventory syndication and online marketing platform. The acquisition of SellerVantage includes the procurement of talent that will extend the power of Data Age’s software by accelerating the advancement of their eCommerce point-of-sale integration.

Data Age’s e-foro eCommerce integration module allows retail organizations and independent sellers to quickly and easily post and manage inventory on multiple platforms such as eBay, Craigslist, Amazon, and Gunbroker. The SellerVantage acquisition will enable Data Age’s e-foro module to expand syndication into other leading marketplaces such as Facebook, Etsy and MyStore as industry demands arise.

Listing goods online through this platform enables retailers to expand their footprint by reaching new customers across the country, gaining more exposure faster by leveraging the millions of users who visit these sites daily. A major benefit for cross-posters is that once an item sells on one platform, it is automatically removed from the others to avoid accidental duplicate sales. With eCommerce expected to hit $1.9 trillion this year, it was clear that a major investment in the eCommerce product portfolio was the next logical step for Data Age Business Systems and their retailers’ futures.

“While many acquisitions take place to enhance the acquiring company’s position in the market, our acquisitions, as the pre-eminent leader in our industry, are done to continue delivering a substantial competitive advantage for our clients in their markets by providing them state-of-the-art, bullet-proof technology helping them position their businesses for success,” said Len Summa, CEO, Data Age Business Systems. “The marriage of PawnMaster pawn shop point-of-sale system, and SellerVantage, a best-in-class digital marketing platform will provide a first-class experience for our customers who want to expand their businesses by posting their goods online.”

“It has been my pleasure to deliver a class-leading digital marketing solution to small retailers over the last 10 years and we are excited for our current customers and the future of the SellerVantage platform under DataAge leadership.” said Matthew A. Brown, President/CEO, That’s Us Technologies, LLC.