Customer Service is Always a Safe Bet


Over the years, we have done all that we can to ensure success for not just our PawnMaster users, but non-PawnMaster members of the industry as well. About seven years ago, we reformatted our focus and really brought collaboration and education to the forefront. Since making this change, we built out informational sites and resources like this blog and, as well as providing industry-wide information through our social media channels.  We’re known in the our industry as the first vendor to solve real problems with substance rather than promoting fluff. That’s why we recently entered into a  partnership with Podium, a collaboration which will bring another level of education and service to the industry as a whole, while addressing some real issues that affect businesses of any size. Working with new people, companies and technology is one part of what we do but we also stay very close to our own community within our industry.

During a recent visit to Salt Lake City, Utah I had the chance to meet up with a long-time PawnMaster client who has been cardsvery successful for many years now. Mike Katsanevas of Crown Jewelers and Pawn is one of the most successful brokers in our industry, and although you can attribute many things to his continued success, the number one focus for him and his team is customer service.  In his training room hangs an unassuming piece of memorabilia behind a frame; a collection of one dollar chips and card backs from every casino in Las Vegas. He uses this piece, with staggering success, to train his team on customer service. How does he do this? He starts with a simple question – If all of the chips are worth the same amount, all of the cards are from the same game, and the rules are identical across the board, what makes the Bellagio stand out against every other casino in Las Vegas? The answer is world-class customer service.

Shortly after Mike showed me this piece, I watched him cheerfully exit his office to meet an elderly woman in the middle of his sales floor, greeting her in their native Greek language before assisting her with the return of a product she purchased earlier. The transaction was smooth, friendly, and everyone parted ways happier than they began. We applaud each and every business owner who focuses on their clients first and foremost. In our personal experience here at PawnMaster, this is the right way to conduct business. We will continue to deliver great products to our user base, but will never waiver from our focused approach to customer service.