Customer Profile: West Main Jewelry Buy & Sell


Stephen Falk, West Main Jewelry Buy & Sell, Rochester, NY

SFalk_headshot.jpgEntrepreneur Stephen Falk opened his first pawn shop in upstate New York in 1994 after a successful career in the wholesale tool and equipment distribution business.  Following a  meeting with Data Age founder and software developer Tom Streng at a pawn broker’s convention in the mid-90s, Stephen began using PawnMaster as his inventory management and point-of-sale software, and continues to use it to this day.

There’s no question that PawnMaster absolutely makes my life easier. PawnMaster’s so easy to use, it’s totally menu driven, absolutely user friendly. Somebody with no computer skills can come in there and run their business. That’s where the money’s being saved; we don’t have to be doing this manually, we do it all with very little effort. I think it’s probably the best investment that I have in my business other than my own property. If you’re going to have a business and you’re serious about making money, and you’re serious about making your business grow, one of the sure ways of doing it is to put PawnMaster in because it’s definitely a help.” Stephen Falk