Customer Profile: N&B Pawnbrokers LLC


Gene Bryer, N&B Pawnbrokers LLC, Titusville, FL

Gene Bryer opened N&B Pawnbrokers in Titusville, Florida. NB_Pawnbroker-ProfileImage.jpgHe is building a successful pawn and firearms shop. After trying unsuccessfully to run his shop pen-to-pad, he realized that he need a pawn management system, Gene looked at a few companies he found online but was not satisfied. He spoke to a fellow pawnbroker, who referred him to PawnMaster.

“Started off with the Burrell form, filling them out; then we had to do the manual upload at night which was an extremely long process. We needed a software that would free us up on time. I was referred by another pawn shop owner that I know. Well, the scanner helps, the ID scanner. To be able to track customers by items is definitely a plus or I can go either by the last name, or I can look under the item. It’s got the automatic charge, so I don’t forget to charge the five dollars on guns. For the federal firearms charge for the background checks; and having Richard set everything up – like with the time, how many days a pawn default’s and things like that and being able to reprint the lost tickets that definitely a plus too. Yeah, and the customer service is like above standard, with a lot of software companies you can’t get that but with you guy is like Johnny-On-The-Spot when you have a problem!”  Gene Bryer