Customer Profile: Luxury Watches R Us


Carlos Franco, Luxury Watches R Us, Miami, FL

Manager Carlos Franco of Luxury Watches R Us, HubProfileImage-Carlos Franco.pngbuys brand new and pre-owned watches and then sells them on online sites like eBay, Amazon and their own website. They also have watches on consignment with auction houses, as well as a storefront in downtown Miami, Florida. They are really utilizing cross-channel marketplaces both online and offline to maximize their exposure and sell their items faster. 

“When I started working there, there was no inventory system at all. Then we tried to move to Excel (but) the moment you start getting more and more pieces and a higher inventory it’s very difficult to handle in an organized way and keep control of everything. That’s when we decided to go for an automated system. I found some that were not working for us at all, because of our business needs and there were others that were working but they were extremely costly. Not just the implementation part… But also the running and maintaining were also very costly. My manager heard about you guys because one of his business partners in Puerto Rico has your system — that’s how I found you. To be able to access accurate data of what you have, where you have it is very useful, also features like the history of prices for particular pieces when you’re buying it helps understand weather it’s good business to buy a piece or not.”  Carlos Franco