Customer Profile: Denbigh Pawn Shop


Michael Palmeri, Denbigh Pawn Shop, Newport News, VA

Entrepreneur Michael Palmeri, owner of Denbigh Pawn Shop in Newport News, Virginia Denbigh_Paawn_Shop2.pngtook over a business with thirty-plus years of history in the community. He has been in business with his family for the past twenty-four years. He talks about the need for a new pawn management software, why he switched to PawnMaster, and what he believes is the most important quality of a software provider. 

When asked why he chose PawnMaster over other software companies, he said: 

“I felt after reviewing other software companies, you guys were at the top of the list. We are a small business. Response time – making us feel important even though we’re a small business with one-on-one, quick response. That type of feeling you get when you go into a mom-and-pop hardware store vs. going into Home Depot and Lowe’s where there is just a great big giant chain place JUST MADE US FEEL REALLY GOOD!”  Michael Palmeri