Customer Profile: Crown Jewelers & Pawn


Mike Katsanevas , Crown Jewelers & Pawn, Salt Lake City, Utah

Pawn shop owner Mike Katsanevas has been a PawnMaster client for over 10 years. After trying PawnMaster Ignite for theMKatsanevas_headshot.jpg first time, he was totally blown away with the improved speed and user interface. Mike’s employees feel more incentivized by being able to track their daily sales goals in real-time right from Ignite’s dashboard, and now that they can perform multiple transactions simultaneously, work flow and revenue have increased exponentially.

“This allows me to run a pawn shop and all the things that a pawn shop does a lot easier than previous. It gives me the tools and the knowledge and the ability to make some solid decisions without having to do more in-depth research. Ignite offers you all that a lot easier, a lot quicker.” — Mike Katsanevas