Client Corner: The Multi-Store Pawnshop Solution

We began the transition from our old software to PawnMaster ten years ago. Currently we have 15 stores on our central server. We were quick to move our corporate stores onto PawnMaster. Our franchises were given notice of the transition. They were hesitant to give up the old software as they knew how to use it and liked the simplicity. It is human nature to resist change. They were not given an option. We stressed the importance of consistency with chain stores and the professional service of this new software.

Due to the GL export to QuickBooks we were able to downsize our accounting department considerably. Even with some associates clocked into different locations during a pay period, payroll is a breeze. Processing transactions and payments from head office or just a different store is a great service to our customers. Being able to check a customer’s account while you are on the phone with the manager of that remote store is a real time saver.

The Search all stores inventory feature is used daily in each store. I highly recommend using that for great customer service and increasing sales. We are happy to transfer that item to the inquiring store for the customer to see. Sometimes that “customer” is our own associate that has been waiting for that item to come in, which is a perk for them.

The ability to see which stores the pawning customer is dealing with has been very helpful. A manager recently notified head office of a customer that had been to 3 different locations that day bringing in similar items in all locations. That certainly sent up the red flag and saved us additional losses.

Customers enjoy the ability to quickly pawn an item they have had in another store. The associate helping the customer can see they have had the same item in before and were successful in redeeming it.

There are many features of PawnMaster we have not utilized. It is my role to implement the changes by enabling the handy features within the software. More than once I have felt sheepish as there has been a valuable utility there that I didn’t recognize years earlier.

Jeffrey Hockley
Chief Executive Officer
Hock Shop Canada