Clean Code

header-development.jpgAt Data Age we always strive to deliver the best product we can.  The amount of time dedicated to understanding the needs of the industry, developing our flagship products, and performing Quality Assurance is always monitored and managed.  Writing “Clean Code” with unit tests in place assures that we can move forward rapidly with a much lower percentage of error. This means delivering the best products to our customers right out of the gates. Our teams are the best in the business at doing the research up front to make sure all gaps are filled and compliance issues are covered so the pawnbrokers can focus on running their businesses. 

Clean code also makes future builds a lot more stable. By that, I mean you’re far less likely to break something when adding new functionality which ensures a smooth operating environment for our users. Having clean code makes development much more efficient so we can release new products to the market quickly. 

Bad code can literally cripple development teams. Lots of time and resources can be lost if code is not clean and well-documented. The worst outcome of bad code is unstable software. Bad code can be the result of low budget, inexperienced or lazy development teams. That’s why it is so important to know who is developing your software when you choose a company. 

“Clean code is code that reads as close to human language as possible, on all levels, from the syntax used, the naming convention and alignment and complexity of distribution between modules. Clean code is easily testable and easily modifiable by other developers. Clean code works.” – David Daniels, Senior Ignite Developer

At Data Age, we are proud to have the largest and the brightest development team in the industry. …and we’re always growing.