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Self Help for BWI Police Reporting

Business Watch International (BWI) is a worldwide law enforcement property recovery system that requires pawn shops and second-hand stores to upload data daily to its services. PawnMaster has an application that makes the process of police reporting very simple. Our BWI Real-Time reporting module will automate the process of sending information to your local police department.

If you happen to encounter an error telling you that something in the description of the item is wrong when uploading to BWI, you may have the wrong class code or province code.


Let’s Troubleshoot the Error

Login to PawnMaster

Navigate: Police > BWI Real Time Submission > BWI Real Time Resubmission

When inside of the Resubmission screen, de-select all lines

Check only the line at the top of the list

Hit okay, and you should receive an error telling you that the file didn’t upload

At the bottom of your computer screen you will see a MANILLA FOLDER, open this

In the left column you will see ‘This Computer’

Open OS(C:\) > Pawnmaster > POL_BWIUPL.XML

You will open the XML File and look at the <class> for each item

If the <class> is set to a description rather than a number, you will need to change this

To change an item’s BWI code, we will:

Login to Pawnmaster

Navigate: Admin > Item Setup (Codes) > Item Types

Select the exact Level 1 for the item

Select the exact Sublevel for the item

There will be 4 boxes for each level. An Item type, a description, and 2 BWI code boxes

If you see a description in the two BWI code boxes, you will need to change this

Open up the PDF ‘BWI Codes’

Use the CTRL+F keys to open up the quick navigation box

In the box, type in a brief description of the item

Look for an item as closely related to the item in question

Look at the number for that item

Open up your Pawnmaster again, and input the number into the BWI code boxes, you will have to input the number in both boxes

Once you have entered in the code, you will want to save, and then exit

You will now be back at the login screen for Pawnmaster


Navigate: Tools > Data Maintenance > Rebuild Item Descriptions, select yes for the pop-up

This will only take but a moment

Once you have completed the Rebuild Item Description you will want to attempt to resubmit the item that errored out.

If you receive the error telling you that it can’t be uploaded, and you see that the <class> section is filled in properly, you will want to go ahead and give DataAge Tech Support a call and let us troubleshoot further for you.



When adding new items into inventory, make sure that you go to the Item Setup and add a BWI code for each new sublevel. This will ensure smooth uploading.


I hope you find this guide helpful, and if you every have any questions, we’re always here to help!!