Buzz Word or Buzz Kill?


Buzzwords – are they done and have they had their day in the sun?  I am sure we have all overused buzzwords especially in early usage settings.  They are slick and have an immediate play on emotions. The real issue with Buzzwords is the “buzz kill” that can accompany them if they are used to impress and not to educate. Buzzwords can be very costly to the customer if they don’t do their homework. High quality, reputable and stable vendors are transparent and offer more than just marketing fluff. They would rather deliver substance and depth to assist in helping the customer make the right decision for their business. Dig deep and ask the right questions.


Beware of Buzzwords

red_flag.jpg Buzzwords are used for getting someone’s attention.

red_flag.jpg Buzzwords are used when someone is trying to say what they think you want to hear.

red_flag.jpg Buzzwords can be used to generate a false sense of likability – it’s a game.