Business Urgency DABS Style

Header-BusinessUrgencyDABS.pngFew would argue that we live and do business in a fast-paced world.  Technological advancements and our global economy have created a modern society filled with services and products designed for speed:  fast food, same-day delivery, instant messaging, on-demand media, even skip-the-line fast-passes at amusement parks.  The list goes on and on. 

At Data Age, we do everything with a strong sense of urgency and understand that time is our most precious resource.  We are certain our customers feel the same way.

Our website is easy to find, simple, fast, and accessible.  When you’re looking for software, we want you to find us.  When an inquiry comes in, online or on the phone, we get in touch with you right away.  And once you become a valued customer, our world-class Tech Support team responds to your questions and issues quickly and efficiently.  Time is money!  All of our employees are based in our corporate offices and are trained on this concept as well as the industry and our products.

Our sense of urgency is about more than just making more money for our customers, it’s about responding and caring for our customers and one another.  We work with deadlines and hustle to meet or beat them because deadlines represent COMMITMENT, enforce ACCOUNTABILITY and drive our SENSE of URGENCY.  We operate with a strong bias for ACTION, and refuse to get stuck in a rut or get too comfortable or complacent with our success, which has spanned almost thirty years and continues to grow organically.      

We’re a software company, so we fully embrace the way technology has sped up our lives and business.  We push ourselves every day as a company and individuals, and rise to the challenge and opportunity to improve.  Ask yourself, do you approach your day, your business, and your life with a sense of urgency?