Business Spotlight: True Cloud Computing Amazon vs. Microsoft


As the leading software vendor in the pawn industry, with over 3,000 clients, PawnMaster has an advantage in the sense that many companies, both large and small, want to partner with us. Many companies want to offer us co-op partnerships they fund to secure our business. When it comes to our clients and their business, all bets are off.  We only work with the best. As the only vendor in our space with a dual platform and the only vendor offering true cloud computing, we were heavily courted by both companies Microsoft and Amazon Web Services (AWS). As a former Microsoft guy, I was very familiar with their company and Azure. Affording them the respect they deserve we listened to them but quickly knew Amazon was the only way to go for our clients. The best was partnering with the best. This partnership is not only having a major impact on our industry now but the future of it sees so many great things on the horizon. AWS, as well as Data Age/PawnMaster, does not have to do their own talking, we see our clients do the talking for us.