Business Spotlight: Text Messaging

Header-BusinessSpotlight_1.jpgI was attracted to the opportunity at Data Age because the company was by far the global leader in its space. As with so many new product developments, the company was the pioneer in providing TxT Pawn, our text messaging product, into a software integration and I knew it was a hidden gem for our clients. Five years ago texting was widely used and it has countinued to double every year since.  Case in point, Data Age now has close to 900 TxT Pawn clients who deliver over 5 million text per year… Wow!

The statistics around text messaging are staggering. Text messaging is an intimate way of communication. 98% of all text messages get read and 94% get read in less than three minutes. Five years ago I called this the “Mobile” component of our business. Now I call it a mandatory component of a business.  There are more smart phones on the planet then there are people so this is not going away anytime soon.

TxT Pawn is being used to help our clients stay connected to their shops, their employees and their customers. The ROI from increased redemptions alone more than pays for the product. When you factor in sales blasts and manager alerts, Text Messaging is a no-brainer. The product builds our clients’ customer service programs also plays a prominent role in their marketing programs — all fulfilling the goal of driving foot traffic through the doors. In fact, at Data Age we believe so strongly in our text messaging product, we use it ourselves to inform and market to our own customers.