Business Spotlight : Stay involved & Invest In Quality People

header-BusinessSpotlightREDUX.jpgAs an small business owner of several retail stores and in my corporate leadership career, I have always tried to stay connected to the people who worked for and with me.  As we all strive to grow and gain success sometimes we find ourselves consumed and investing more mindshare in areas away from our core business.   This happens with greater frequency as an entrepreneur because many small business owners have to do it all. 

I am sure  many small business owners have a passion for the business and their end goal is to build financial stability to inevitability free up their time to do the things they desire to do. To achieve this, growth at some level has to be present.  Growth consumes bandwidth and thus the business person needs do the things necessary to manage it all. Many start to hire people to offload some of the burden. This is a great way to free up some capacity. In my situation I was the front person of my business.  I was the person who worked hand-in-hand with the customer. This meant I could no longer do deliveries, offload inventory and help in the back office. So, I hired people to help me.

Even in my corporate position now, I have to have many people in a host of different areas who have their own people they oversee to ensure every aspect of the business is running smooth. There is a fine balance of staying connected to the business and micromanaging the business. This is not easy, I had a very hard time in my own business balancing this. Staying involved at some level in every area seems to be beneficial for both the business owner and the employees as well. Investing in your employees will pay dividends and I know it is hard to find quality, trusting and goal oriented people.  Here is a good read on this exact subject when you do.