Business Spotlight: Staff Motivation & Contribution


In business, we have all heard it is about your people, products, and processes which generally define who you are. I can say this for sure… Here at Data Age our people are what has made us a powerhouse in our industry for many years. As we constantly try to get better and self-scout, we always peel back the layers so we understand why our people continually post great results and contribute to a world-class culture. “Great” companies focus on themselves more than the competition. They tend to get their employees actively involved and really listen to the ideas their people bring to the table.  Makes sense considering your people are the folks who are mostly engaged with the customers. 

Over the years our team has come up with some many impactful ideas. I believe allowing the flow of these ideas promotes greater productivity, which leads to empowerment. We continually move people up through the ranks in our company as we provide outstanding career path. This in turn leads to many tenured people who love what they and feel like they’re making a contribution. Take  a look from within. Continue to do what you are great at but aggressively identify and address improvement areas.  This is a winning formula and is the gift that continues to give a business.