Business Spotlight: Putting People First

As leaders in our community, if your business, our in your industry, we spend a great deal of time working in and with people.  These people have a profound impact on our livelihoods through the work we do with them or through the products and services we deliver.  In turn, our products and services should also have an impact on your employees, customers and any one you come in contact with.  The great leaders, companies and organizations never lose sight of this ever present focus.  You have to put people first no matter what if you want to be successful as a leader or a business owner.


You must understand how your efforts and actions impact people. Include and engage your employees and foster a culture of growth driven by the promoting of curiosity.   Listen to your customers.  Understand how you really impact their business and lives on a daily basis.  Take into account they too are in business to improve their livelihoods and have the same positive impacts on people you trying to achieve as well.