Business Spotlight: Just Do Your Job

header-BusinessSpotlightREDUX.jpgAs a Huge Pittsburgh Steeler fan it pains me to write this but far and away Bill ”The Hoodie” Belichick is the greatest coach that has ever patrolled a sports sideline. He may even be one of the top strategist of all time. His approach, style and preparation should be reviewed by anyone in business. The tagline “Just Do Your Job” seems simple but when you peel it back it is very complex.

First you have to define your job, what is expected of you from your company, team and finally yourself. Understand what has worked by understanding the processes given to you by your company. Practice and apply them until you master them. When you do, then add your own touch to ensure you can start to easily ebb and flow into different situations. Your experience and preparation should then allow you to excel no matter what the situation presents to you.

Belichick’s preparation is what I feel really separates him from the pack and as a business professional this should also occur. Whether it is a sales call a product demonstration, executive team meeting or a customer service call, preparing for it will ensure you are ready for most situations. If done right and with the constant repetition, your situational awareness skills will naturally heighten allowing you to have the ad hoc calls or discussions where preparation is not as necessary. Finally, “The Hoodie” is not afraid to lose and try new things. Again, this rings true in the business world. Paging back to all the attributes mentioned makes taking risk much more successful because the calculations are there to drive the risk-related decisions.

Just do your job… catchy but so true.