Business Spotlight: Don’t Go to the Dark Side of Customer Service


I am sure customer service is an area we have all had to focus on finding ways to continue to improve. We all work hard to build a brand. We all have a brand promise. Many of us are carrying this promise from one generation to the next. The difference these days are the customers. The “powah” of the customer is more prevalent than ever before and every business that does not make a sizable investment in customer service is really placing themselves in a pickle. Customer service could mean many things including investing in headcount to take care of clients, having a floor policy on how you want your clients addressed, having a call policy on what messages you want to convey to your customers. No matter what it may be it is very sound business to treat your clients well. I am sure every one of us in here really care, enjoy and respect all of our customers. We all know there are times when you can’t make everyone happy but it is here you have to work even harder to make the situation right for the customer on some level.

In today’s digital technology world, what has flipped the economy is that the customer has the power to not only influence what they buy but what others buys as well. Customers can connect and share their ideas and opinions much more readily than ever before.   From our industry’s perspective, this is why I really applaud the Pawn Chat community and others like it as the broker community can get together to make things happen and share ideas. This does not ring any clearer than it has in 2016 with all the obstacles facing this industry. 

Customer acquisition has always been a staple in any business but the tables have really turned to focus more on customer retention.  It costs a heck of a lot more to find new clients than it does to service existing clients. Having customers talk about your business is much better than you talking about your business. This is why the focus on excellent customer experience is more vital than ever before, in a time where information can be shared and spread rapidly. The extra time spent to get to know your customer is well worth it. It would be good to hear some of the success stories you all have in helping your customers.