Build it, and the rest will follow… PawnMaster IGNITE


Having the largest customer base in the industry for many, many years (over 3,000 customers), Data Age / PawnMaster is proud to introduce PawnMaster Ignite. Ignite is the only true cloud based pawn software on the market. Data Age is known for building high quality, easy to use, “bullet proof” products. We have accomplished this by employing sound software development and testing processes. We don’t rush to market to capitalize on buzz words just to line our pockets and position our company, only to eventually get bought out. We have the resources, the firepower and the customer base, which could have seen us release a real cloud product six years ago. Cost, technology, and demand (among other reasons), saw us sit back and wait until the timing was right. 

Over the years we have tried our best to educate the market on technology. Our approach to this was from a strict reporting perspective with the goal of educating and supplying the market with quality and real information to assist in their decision making when it came to technology. “The Cloud” is a powerful phrase but it has gone grossly undefined in our market and has never really had any depth of education around it. Turn on your flat screen and you will hear “The Cloud” in tons of commercials as a high flying buzz word to impress the viewers. We aim not to impress, but to educate, and this is what we will do. Over the next few months, we will give you the benefits of the cloud, who should use the cloud, and who should not. Having the only dual platform system, we have no bias either way. 

Data Age has always been the field of dreams for thousands of customers and hundreds of thousands of end users. Well, we built it and now the rest will follow. This is just the beginning, stay tuned, we are advancing the ball at a rapid rate as we continue to help so many of the displaced and abandoned pawnbrokers who have had their businesses so greatly impacted by market events in 2016. Data Age/PawnMaster, being the leader in the industry, will continue to invest resources into both Ignite and our mighty PawnMaster Classic product. We believe we are going to have a nice blend of Classic and Ignite customers, as we know, the cloud is here and now, but the cloud still isn’t for everybody. This is just one more reason PawnMaster leads the industrythe customer comes first. Our Technical Support and Development teams are excited about the opportunity to educate, support and continue to make all of our products stronger.

Based on the feedback we have received from our customer base and the displaced brokers we are converting over, we project about 1,000-1,500 customers coming on to Ignite in a very short period of time. Always compliant, always swift to market to help our brokers address the dynamic landscape they find their businesses in, and always treating our customers like family. This is a new and exciting product but the bones of our company is what drives the consistency our market has come to know and what our market deserves. Have a great month and watch the success stories start to pile in on Ignite!