Behind the Counter with Corby Logue

header-Behind-the-Counter-with-Corby.jpgCorby Logue began his pawnbroking career 30 years ago at the age of six, counting cash drawers each day after school in his father’s first shop. Over the next decade, they grew into a 15-shop operation. In 1990, the company became publically traded and grew rapidly, adding 210 stores across 14 states over the next four years.

During college, Corby managed the day-to-day operations at one of their local shops. After graduating from The University of Texas with his Bachelor of Arts in Communications, he led the Acquisitions team, adding another 100 locations over the next 18 months. He went on to become the youngest Regional Manager in the company, supervising 15 locations in Alabama and Mississippi.

From there, Corby moved back into the private sector as Vice President of Sales and Operations responsible for growing a four-store chain to 33 locations, implementing sales and marketing campaigns, raising capital, working with budgets, policies and people, and ultimately increasing the company’s loan portfolio by nearly $7M.

Corby’s extensive experience lends itself to his deep understanding of the operations and growth strategies of both the public and private sectors of the pawn industry, bringing us to present-day. His passion is growing businesses and wants to extend the knowledge to other pawnbrokers to help them grow their own businesses, however they’d like to.

Whether your goal is to grow, sell, or simply maintain your business, PawnMaster’s new program will offer the tools to do so more efficiently and profitably than ever before.   

The PawnMaster brand has been built on the foundation of hard work, transparency and putting the customers first. This approach has not changed and will never change. Along with these core tenants we also feel there is no one way to operate a pawn shop. There are a lot of great success stories out there and many operators have their own unique way that works for them. This being the case, this is why we enjoy sharing our customers’ success stories. We hope, by sharing knowledge, information and processes, we can add to the success of the pawn community as a whole. It is also the main reason why we keep our ears open and listen to our customers.  As we continue to grow and gain market share, we are working with more and more successful brokers – and that gives us even more success stories and ideas to share.  

Corby Logue’s new role as Director of Pawnbroker Development will spearhead these efforts to ensure we bring the best possible content we can deliver to our customers so they can use it as they see fit. We hope to provide quality and applicable information delivered by people who have “been there and done that”.  We will be offering more services to the market to help the current broker as well as new people looking to enter into the industry. Our mission is to stay true to the industry core and continue to deliver quality, stable and innovative tools to our customers.