Be Different With Text Messaging

Be Different With Text Messaging_Header

In most situations, when you continuously do something for a long period of time, it can lose it’s luster. In order to keep others, in this case your customers, engaged with your business, you should change things up every so often. Let’s use text messaging for example.

We as consumers expect to see texts coming in from businesses that we support quite often. If you’re anything like me, when you see the header you already know what the text will be about. Businesses that “mix things up” when texting keep me engaged, and I will actually pay attention to the message.

Did you ever open a text and get surprised? That normal “buy one get one ½ off” text was now a link for Holiday recipes, tip on how to fix something, etc? I have and those are the texts that keep me engaged with that business. Sure, I appreciate the discount text, but having a business think enough of me to lead me to some advice……that shows thoughtfulness. And being thoughtful, in any situation, is a huge emotional bank deposit for the client.

Don’t be afraid to be different. Try different things to see what works best in your current situation. Here are some examples:

  1. Pick 5 customers each day and send a personalized text in PawnMaster from their account. Wish them a good day, let them know about a contest, etc.
  2. Send a valet blast with a link to your Facebook page where hopefully you have some pictures/articles that show off your team’s personality.
  3. Send a valet blast where the customer needs to “come in and show the text” to enter a contest. Make the contest winner come from your group of clients that use your text service. This is a great way to get clients to ask to be opted in for messages for the future. Make a big deal out of your contest winner so that others will know how they were able to win.
  4. Send monthly birthday reminders to clients and include a nice discount to make them want to come in. Some systems, like PawnMaster, will do this every month automatically for you.

There are countless things that you can do to be different and keep your brand in the client’s mind. Just make sure that you do them with sincerity and good-will. It always feels good to give back, and it’s always nice to have that “give back” be beneficial to your business.

Be different, have fun, and focus on making your business better every day! Mobile communication can help you achieve all of those things with a little thought and ingenuity. Remember…TEXT FOR SUCCESS.