Agile Scrum Master


In waterfall methodology, the business stakeholders are not actively involved throughout the software development process, almost as if they’re lost in space. They have to wait for months before they see any results or even know if the software development droids are creating the features and functionality that the users want. Agile development takes that ambiguity away and provides clarity, active participation of key stakeholders, and most importantly all stakeholders are able to see the results every two weeks.

PawnMaster uses Agile development methodologies to increase speed to market for all of our new features and software developments. It has increased transparency and communication across all levels of our business while pushing out faster builds for our customers.

Here are some characteristics of Agile methodology:


  • See a demo every couple or weeks
  • Everyone’s involved on a daily basis
  • Change direction quickly, if needed
  • Ability to go live every couple of weeks
  • Visualize when project will be complete
  • Reduce amount of technical documentation