Adaptive Marketing, Part Four: Cost Optimization

Adaptive Marketing_Cost Optimization_Header

So by now I think we can all agree that marketing and change have to occur on some level to be able to ebb and flow with the changing times.

Most people ask me how much this will cost or how much should I spend. That is a tricky question, but from my chair I would first want to zero in on what I believe will work based on all the things we discussed in early blogs. In today’s digital world, the first place I would start would be in the digital world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). One of our gold partners, Mitch Briton, has helped many business owners figure this out by “finding waldo” (sticking out in the crowd). SEO is vital, and without it you will be immediately behind the per verbally eight ball.

From there, SEO goes hand and glove with getting a solid and easy to navigate website. All these searchers need a place to go to learn more about you. This would also include a Facebook page, which in todays “no press” world is a must. After this has been established, and mind you this would also hold true for existing and well-established businesses, I would then look inwards to the business and existing customers if you have them already. Many business people still invest in publications, signage, and mailers.  If this has and continues to work for you, then by all means keep doing it. The data however suggests that these outlets are no longer as powerful for success as they once were. Text messaging marketing to your existing clients is a sure fire path to success for existing businesses with a client base. Winning at the counter and marketing at the counter is another personal way to connect with customers. And finally…get your customers talking about you via testimonials and reviews.

Pawn Nation…there are so many ways to achieve your goals.  Be creative, take a chance, and don’t fall prey to the seven deadly words: “We Have Always Done It That Way.”