Adam Nunez named Lead Developer for Data Age Business Systems


Data Age Business Systems, the developers of PawnMaster, the industry leading pawn shop management software, announced today the promotion of Adam Nunez to Lead Developer.

Adam began working at Data Age in 2012 right out of college, starting off as a member of their world-class technical support department. He learned the innerworkings of Data Age’s PawnMaster system, quickly becoming an expert on the processes and protocols Data Age has put into place to best serve their client base. In the evenings, Adam continued his studies of coding and software development, using his free time to hone his skills as a programmer. He soon graduated to a conversion specialist role before working his way up to a developer position.

“Adam is one of the brightest people we’ve had walk through these doors,” says Len Summa, CEO, Data Age Business Systems. “You can see the wheels turning when you talk to him. I’ve never heard him say “We can’t do that.” You don’t come across someone like that every day.”

In his new role as Lead Developer, Adam will oversee the in-house development department in Data Age’s headquarters in Clearwater, Florida. He is an integral piece in the continued development of PawnMaster Ignite, the industry’s first fully cloud-based pawn management software. “People talk a lot about software developers, but this guy is the real deal,” says Summa. “We take pride in creating a culture of promoting from within. In a global market, you cannot overlook homegrown domestic talent. When it came time to look for a head of this team, there was no question that Adam was the one to fill that role.”

When he’s not leading his team or studying lines of code, Adam enjoys expanding his understanding of computer programming by designing his own video games. A Florida native, Adam lives in Clearwater with his girlfriend and daughter.