91% Will Say Yes


Being in business over the years, we all have a very steady customer base of business and I’m certain we all have those customers that really stick out to us. Many people want to grow their business to ensure their income levels and increase their business valuation as the years go by. We can always count on that solid base of business, but to achieve these goals we may look for new business acquisition. Many of us invest in marketing, take our business to the internet, or pump up special promotions along with so many other outlets to drive new business.

We have discussed referrals before and I bring them up again because they are the most effective and inexpensive way of finding new business and bringing new customers through your doors. Referrals also bolster the concept of Social Proofing, where others do the talking about your business for you. According to the article below, 91% of customers say they would be more than happy to give a referral, recommend your business to a friend, or even bring a relative into businesses they are satisfied with. The real issue is only about 11% of business owners actually ask for referrals.

A simple conversation starting with, “I hope you have enjoyed your experience working with my business; Have provided value to you…”  The response you get, no matter what it will be (we hope positive), is a good thing to have.  Once they respond with a favorable comment, the next question should be, “Is there anyone you know who would benefit from my services?”

This is a sound approach to business and you never know, it could be the most powerful tool you have for growing your business.