4 Strategies Used in Marketing Warfare


Earlier in the year we discussed falling prey to competitors writing fake reviews and trying to take false shots at your business. Let’s expand on this topic because we have received a lot of inquiries regarding this topic and many people wanted more information about and feedback pertaining to it. Marketing is a vital part to bringing your products, your services and your message to the market place. Marketing strategies should be a key part of your business planning and depending on the size of your business should be given a lot of attention. Your marketing efforts need to align to your overall business practice and company goals. It will also convey the message you want to deliver and set the stage for how you want to be perceived in your business.

There are many different forms of marketing but most companies fall into four categories and then have a variety of all four at some point in time depending what your position is in the industry. No matter what strategy you decide to take, having the right people to deliver and cultivate the strategy is paramount. Proper planning with your marketing specialist is also important. Making sure you take the emotion out of your approach and adhering to the knowledge of the domain expert is also key. You should also understand the impact marketing can have on your business. At Data Age we enjoy healthy competition and always take the high road in our approaches to all forms of Marketing. We incorporate many different approaches to ensure we are giving our customers a great user experience be it in the pre- or post-sales environment. Mudslinging and other forms of destructive marketing generally does not hurt the competition but can have lasting impacts on your own company.