17 Beyond The Shop: Know Your Competition

Let me ask you a question. Do you know your competitor practices? Do you know what they loan on 10 carts? Do you know what they loan on 14 carts? How often do they have a sale? What’s the manager name? Is he or she experienced? If you don’t know this you should, it would give you a leg up, because they probably don’t care what you do. If they offering more on gold you know your customers know that and if your loan balance is starting to stagnate you need to know why. It’s never just because the wind blowing from another direction. Their loaning more than you. I need to know so I can be competitive, when I go in I look for new employees, I see if their having a sale. I need to know what they’re doing, because I need to do better. If you think you know what they’re doing you know your customers know. So, I cannot emphasize this enough, go into your competitor and make sure you’re doing something better than they are.