Why Do We Buy Jewelry?


So Why Do We Buy Jewelry?
No one buys jewelry because they need to. In fact, jewelry is the opposite of practical! It’s heavy and it could carry bacteria. People buy jewelry because of the way it makes them FEEL.
Jewelry Sales are 100% Emotional
  Aleah, Everyone says to sell EMOTION, but HOW?!
Keep reading, I’m about to tell you!
Here’s 5 Sales TIPS on How to Sell Jewelry Using Emotion
A great way to sell emotion is to MAKE IT ABOUT HER. Many guys can not tell you her favorite color, but he can talk about her hobbies, her job, and her interests. Get him talking about her! This is good for two reasons. First, it lets you know more about her taste so it becomes easier for you to know which piece of jewelry she will like most. Second it makes him realize all the many wonderful things he loves about her, prompting him to spend more. 



People buy jewelry to feel important, attractive, rich. You can sell the feeling of importance by ASKING PEOPLE THEIR OPINION. Try asking your customer something like, “Oh, I just finished these newspaper ads. Which do you like better?” Even something as simple as, “Can you hold this?” can make people feel more important and more comfortable in your store. 




Another wabday gmay to sell emotion is to MAKE IT ABOUT THE OCCASION. Talk about how special and meaningful Christmas can be. Talk about how a birthday celebrates the day a person enters this world. Talk about how lucky they are to be getting engaged and how special it is when you meet the person of your dreams. The more important the event becomes, the less the price matters. 


Next, try to make the customer feel special by PROMOTING RARITY. Try using lines like these to create rarity.

  1. “Only the top 1% of women own an engagement ring over a carat.”
  2. “Each diamond is hand selected with you in mind.”
  3. “She will have a unique piece of jewelry that you can not find anywhere else.”
  4. “It takes more than 250 tons of diamond containing earth just to find a one carat rough diamond.” 

Everyone wants to feel special. Make your customer feel unique and they will buy from you.


One more way to sell emotion is by being a great storyteller. People buy the story, not the jewelry. For many bead customers, each bead represents a memory. Every piece of jewelry is a story to be treasured for generations. Each piece of jewelry in your case should have a compelling story to help aid the sale.


People LOVE looking at people. Do you have enough pictures of people in your store?

 Have pictures of people ENJOYING jewelry. Take the amount of pictures of people  you have in your store and double it!