What’s Your Favorite PawnMaster Feature? Natasha



Natasha’s My favorite add-on




Reason to it is because as we progress in the future of technology everything is not perfect with those systems. So having Digi-Shield lessens the stresses of having to worry about lost items. If you think of it like your cell phone. You maintain all your amazing pictures and other items in it, but one day you dropped your phone or lost it. All those amazing memories of photos, text msg, or whatever is all gone. You get that weird knot in your gut and sick feeling. You’ll never get them back just like all those federal documents you have to maintain in system, pawns that are still out, or loans. After losing all those important information you’ll spend more time and money into something you’ll never get to recreate or get back. When all you had to do was setup Digi-Shield at the beginning and worry less just $60 a month or $499 a year to keep something that will keep that sick feeling away from the gut!