What’s Your Favorite PawnMaster Feature? Luis Ruiz, Quality Control



We asked our employees what their favorite PawnMaster feature is, and why.  Here’s what they had to say:

Luis_round.pngWhat’s your favorite add-on and why?

– Quickbooks Integration

Why do your customers need it?

– Over the years working with a diverse pool of customers, I have found the QuickBooks Integration is a must-have for any Pawn Shop no matter their reach, that is it can be a local shop or a multi-store operation, the benefit to the customer is the same. Of course the larger the business, the greater the need to integrate with QuickBooks because this program expands the accounting capabilities of PawnMaster. Quickbooks is a great tool to manage the accounting aspect of a business and at its most basic level, it will not necessarily require the the assistance of an accountant or bookkeeper because QuickBooks has preset tools to generate reports and analysis based on the data provided by PawnMaster.

Not having this integration and entering data generated by PawnMaster manually into QuickBooks is possible, however, error prone, time-consuming and entering data in incorrect accounts can result in inaccurate data and time-consuming auditing. PawnMaster only needs to be setup once with QuickBooks. Data flow is mapped to matching account types in QuickBooks thus ensuring the exporting of data will always be correct. Knowing this level of reliability means the customer can trust the data that is sent to QuickBooks and then make use of it to keep their accounting current and informative.

Why do your customers love it?

– Over the years if I am to isolate customers that have the QuickBooks integration only, I can say they love the expanded accounting capabilities that QuickBooks gives to PawnMaster customers and would not do without it.