What’s Your Favorite PawnMaster Feature? Brent Nocera


We asked our employees what their favorite PawnMaster feature is, and why.  Here’s what they had to say:

Brent_round.pngMy favorite add-on option with PawnMaster is our 2D ID scanning option. I like this option because it is beneficial for all shops whether they are just opening up or if they have been in business for many years. It helps greatly speed up transaction times by automating the data entry of the shop’s customers and allows them for more face time to make the experience memorable. It also sets a precedence with your customers to always bring in their ID to make things easier on everyone even if they are already a customer to scan their ID rather than trying to type in information to manually find their customer.

My customers love 2D ID scanning once they get the option because of the direct impact it has on their business making things easier on them and speeding up transaction times. It also serves as a barcode scan gun for inventory bar codes and makes doing an inventory audit or sales transaction much easier in the process as well.

My customers need our 2D ID scanning option to eliminate data entry errors, duplicate customer accounts and to help automate their customer entry process to spend more face time with their customers and keep them coming back because of their experience at the shop. This is vital to creating long, lasting relationships with their customers. If your head is down typing in all of the information on a customer’s ID for a brand new customer, that is going to leave a much different impression than if you scan their ID and move right on to speaking with them. Which shop would you go back to if you had those two different experiences? 

With all states now using a 2D barcode on their licenses, and some states starting to phase out magnetic strips on ID’s, 2D ID scanning is a clear winner over some other ID scanning options. Now, if your state just, in the last few years, started adding 2D barcodes to your licenses you may have some older licenses with just magnetic barcodes but this will be few and far between and will become nonexistent in a matter of years as newer licenses get issued. 2D ID scanning is more accurate, faster than optical ID scanning, and also serves as a barcode scan gun.

If storing a picture of your customers’ ID is required in your state however, optical ID scanning may be the better option for you.