Ubiquity – Establishing a Dominant Presence


As business owners and executives tasked to grow a business, we should all strive for ubiquity in our business. When your clients need something they should automatically point right at your business as the go to place for them to address their needs. Over the years we have all used phrases like “Xerox this document”, “I need a Kleenex“, “I need to Google this”,  and “I am looking to purchase a Polo shirt”. These words are blanket terms in the way they are used but the truth of the matter is they are all brands. World class brands for that matter. These companies become synonymous in their core domains and do things so well they create ubiquity in the market place. Customers may not buy a Polo brand shirt but they say they need a “polo” shirt, which is a sleeved and collared shirt.

Data Age/PawnMaster has brought industry-leading software to the market for almost 30 years now. We quickly came to be known as the go-to vendor for collateral loan and pawn software and we expanded on this by offering new products and services to the market. While doing so, we continued to get feedback from our customers and continued to improve. As a result, we now dominate the market with almost 3,000 customers — that’s nearly five times more than our nearest competitor. This success record sees our customers doing most of the talking for us and the social proofing element of our business has created ubiquity for our company. If you need pawn software you go right to PawnMaster/Data Age. In your business, whether you’re a national business, a local business or even one that is doing business online, this goal is one you should strive for. There are many ways you can accomplish this but never losing sight of the customers is the absolute cornerstone of any action plan to achieve this lofty status.