The Social Media Phenomenon – What you should know!

FacebookThis months Client Corner comes from Chad McGhee, VP of Operations for CashWiz Holdings located in the Cayman Islands. Chad outlines the importance of including Facebook as part of your ongoing marketing strategy.


The Social Media Phenomenon – What you should know!
By Chad McGhee, VP of Operations for CashWiz Holdings

“The question isn’t what do we want to know about people? It’s what do people want to tell about themselves.” – Mark Zuckerberg

I can’t have harped on the importance of customer qualifying enough. I’ve preached it over and over again, “Ask the questions and find out what our customers need!” But that’s not the first step. Before we can wind up and let loose our best sales pitch we have to have someone to pitch to.

CashWiz over the past few months has started breaking the surface in social media marketing through the world’s largest database, Facebook (FB). Facebook is the world’s largest online database of people and one of the most targeted marketing platforms ever developed. Through Facebook marketing, companies are able to build their own database of people in their specific markets. This allows us access to a large percentage of our local populations to market our business and services to directly.

Right now our stores, depending on location, have between 40 and 200 people per day walking through our front door. That’s quite a few people that get to see our goods and services. Now, imagine if 50,000 people were to walk in the door tomorrow as see your goods and services! Sounds unbelievable but it’s not. Through building a database of locals with your Facebook page it is possible. With our Facebook pages we are able to build a database of thousands of people that we can market to daily and directly. We are able to post our popular items, promotions, services, competitions and events to a large percentage of our local market without leaving our office.

Today we have over 70,000 Fans on Facebook. That’s right, 70,000 people follow our CashWiz store FB pages. 90% of which checks their Facebook daily. These people, now that they are fans of our pages, will see what we post. So instead of the 100 people that walk in our store today and see our products, 60,000+ will see the items we post on our Facebook pages. We run games, competitions, and all kinds of promotions on our pages. This is an invaluable tool but must be managed. Make sure you utilize this to its maximum potential and assign a Facebook page manager from your store to answer customer questions and update content.

What you need to do today!
Build a Facebook Fan Page. It is simple and Facebook will walk you through the process. DO NOT create a new profile for your company, it will be shut down. Under your profile “Create a Fan Page”. Once it’s up and running, allow Facebook to promote the page for you. Set a daily budget of what you’re comfortable with. We use $10 per day. That’s it. Good luck!

Chad McGhee
VP Caribbean Region
Cashwiz© Limited
[email protected]