The Secret Sauce is Service Excellence


Every day we hear stories about vendors not helping their clients, not calling them back, and a host of other very frustrating and disappointing things, all of which are negatively impacting peoples’ businesses. The Data Age/PawnMaster brand, company, and suite of products have been known for being world-class for the past thirty years. We always sit back and analyze how to improve. I recall an event held at the Ritz Carlton a few years back. I was walking to my meeting and in the hallway I saw three Ritz Carlton employees on their knees highly focused on removing a small piece of gum from the carpet. At first I said for the amount of money a room cost I would expect this but the establishment provided great value in so many areas. They don’t need to roll out three people to get a tiny piece of gum that cannot be seen removed. This is their strategy to customer service excellence and overall user experience. Let me be clear, customer support is a strategy that many miss the mark on in a big way.

Building and supporting software is not a week’s stay at the Ritz Carlton, but the mind set and attitude in which we service our clients is that of a resort. We take the supporting of our clients very seriously because we know they have invested in us for the long term. They want to focus on their businesses, which presents them with great successes but also presents them daily challenges. Your vendor should not be the topic of conversation and steer you away from the very important aspects of your business. You invest in your vendor for results, solid products and support when YOU need it. Data Age/PawnMaster has taken this very basic approach to business and elevated it to the next level. When you call, we answer. When we say we are calling you back we do. When you speak, we listen. We invest in high quality people to help people. This is a people business and there are hardworking people on the other end of the telephone who need help. We respect them as business owners and will always do our best to provide them with a resort-like experience when it comes to supporting and helping their efforts.