Thank You for Joining us at NPA Expo 2016


The NPA Expo is always a nice event to go. We always enjoy the quality face time with so many loyal clients.  Our industry is somewhat under siege and everyone has a great deal at stake. Long term family businesses, the industry juggernauts, the smaller operators and the new folks coming into the business find themselves in some uncharted waters. Compliance regulations have always been front and center, but this year sees some real challenges coming down the pike. I am always amazed at the folks who drive this industry. You all stay positive, upbeat and continue the fight. I can’t put into words the respect I have for all of you. This year has also seen some volatility. Some planned and some unplanned in the vendor space.  I applaud you all in the manner in which you handled these changes and still keep your upbeat fighting spirits.

The NPA Expo is always a time when the entire  community comes together to share, collaborate and learn in all of our efforts to get better. Not many industryies see their operators open up and share at the level you all do. Again, I applaud our wonderful clients and encourage our vendors to continue to support you as we all gear up for change at some level. We all experience challenges and competition. I am sure everyone enjoys the competition because we all know it makes us better and keeps us sharp. I look forward to seeing our industry rally together to meet some of these issues that will be confronting everyone at some level. 

I wish everyone a great second half of the year and we will continue to work hard to service all of our clients business.