Technology to the Rescue

Technology to the Rescue_Header

I have been involved in technology most of my life.  I don’t mean binge watching Netflix or playing Call of Duty (although I do both), but actually making a career out of it. 

Through the years, one of the most daunting things to consider in the IT world is disaster recovery.  Hey, I live and work in Florida where the weather is no joke.  Hurricanes and massive lightning storms are just typical hurdles that we prepare for. 

When the Coronavirus was first announced, like most we watched and hoped that it wouldn’t have a huge impact to our country.  We began to put together a strategy nonetheless.  Over the last couple of weeks we knew that we were going to have to make the plans that we hoped we would never have to. 

With social distancing being a major part of the recovery effort, Data Age Business Systems has implemented a work from home policy that enables all of our staff to perform their job duties with no interruptions to our clients.  Since Data Age does not outsource any of our positions, that means over 60 employees need the capability to provide the same level of support and customer care that we are known for even during this unforeseen threat to our daily routine.  Using a Voice over IP phone system and remote access capabilities to office equipment, our staff can log in and utilize the tools that they use every day for tech support calls and remote assistance.  Vital meetings are being held using video conferencing and product demonstrations and training are not impacted at all.  We have come a long way in utilizing technology as a business continuum and it will only get better.

We are looking forward to getting through this and having everyone back in the office, but until then we will use technology to bridge the gap and…binge watch Netflix.