Summa’s Sales Spotlight: “Hey Bob…”



In sales, you have an opportunity to bring on new business through leads generated by marketing and demand generation programs. You also have the chance to sell to existing clients. When we call down on clients we are not using the same tools we use to close new business.


“Hey Bob” how is it going how is business?” As with any conversation – think about your audience.

  1. Make sure you check in with them a few times a year
      1. Build a relationship with them
      2. Make them feel comfortable enough with you that they can come to you
        with any issues they may come across
      3. Ask for feedback


  2. Ask about their business
      1. Hey Bob, how else can I help your business?
      2. What are some of the other challenges you are facing?
      3. Hey Bob… Are you saving a ton of money by buying back
        office supplies from us?
      4. Hey Bob, how is that new module working out for you?
        Did you know we are coming out with “X”?


  3. Alert and send them to pertinent information
      1. Hey Bob, you should follow us on Facebook, we’re always sharing
        industry-related information on our page
      2. Hey Bob, we just came out with a blog post on inventory control etc.
      3. Hey Bob… did you see this article on


  4. Keep them engaged, and STAY engaged with them
    1. It’s a two-way street
    2. In order to help our customers, you need to know about their business;
      you have to build a relationship with them