Speak Your Truth


Once again, I’d like to sight a source I have strong roots to.  Good to Great by Jim Collins is a wonderful piece of work. Not only is it validated by many, it is driven by common sense. Staying silent to avoid a conflict or preserve your position can be damaging across the board. Great companies welcome open dialogue, where the end result promotes new ideas, new ways of doing things, and collaboration. Staying silent does no one any good. Mr. Collins talks about healthy debate without assigning blame. Speaking up does not mean lashing out and fostering negativity to drive your point.

Speaking up on issues you feel strongly about is a good thing. Doing this in a manner, which promotes dialogue for the betterment of all involved is the secret sauce for success. Great companies don’t want stables of conformist but rather they want fields of ideas and folks who are so passionate about their work they want to contribute.  So step up, standout and engage in dialogue. This will serve to ensure everyone is in the game and striving to get better.