Simple Holiday Ideas to Increase Foot Traffic


Sometimes the best way to draw shoppers in can be with the simplest events or decorations. Your holiday ideas don’t have to cost a lot of money to build store traffic.

Here are a few ideas to gain a little extra foot traffic

A curbside chalk board or sign
I always go to Pinterest for really cool ideas. These boards and signs are great for drawing in foot traffic and an inviting first impression. Use it to advertise, “PS4 sold here”. “We have Xbox ONE games” or similar hot seasons items and toys you have.

Window decorations

Front windows are your biggest customer-catcher. Use what you must to advertise in your front window. Keep your windows lit well and highlight any products by displaying them or using signage. Click here for some free flyers you can customize for your store. 


Sweep every day. String some Snowflake decorations & ornaments.  Make your business inviting. Holiday scents such as gingerbread, cranberry’s, sugar cookies, fir trees, cloves, oranges and/or spiced cider believe it or not will make people feel cozy. If people can make a personal connection, they are more likely to buy. It doesn’t have to be candles it could be pug ins.

Dress up like Santa

Offer pictures on a certain day through a certain timeframe for children.

Offer free gift wrapping

Another simple, inexpensive touch that will also keep customers in your store longer. Maybe they’ll even look around while they’re waiting for their gifts to be wrapped and end up buying more. 

Have fresh cookies

Cookies, hot cocoa and/or cider can keep shoppers in your business longer to look around and SHOP. 

All these things: scents, ornaments, Santa suits, decorations, home grown advertising… It all helps you make a personal connection. Customers are more likely to shop with you if the can make a personal connection.

Always, have your salespeople look busy and make sure they’re friendly and helpful. No one wants to enter a store looking like a ghost town where the workers are talking amongst themselves. That means they are not being attentive to the customers. Both your business and your employees must look inviting from the outside looking in.