Sales Spotlight: The initial call… get them warm


Let’s remember what is needed in every sale… Rapport.  You have to have it. Knowing this, why not ease into a sales call and warm up with pleasantries. Find some common ground. This is where a little research would help you.


  • Check your CRM for any history the client or prospect might have with the company before you make the phone call. This will also help refresh your memory about what you spoke to them about last time. Take detailed notes after each call, so you can refer back to them, and include small personal details that may help you relate in the future. For example: “Sally likes Starbucks mocha frappuccino” or “Fred goes deep sea fishing on the weekends.” These are great things to recall the next time you talk to the person, they’ll probably be pleasantly surprised by how observant you are.


  • Know where they live and whether anything newsworthy is happening there. Sports teams, for example, are usually a good way to connect with people.


  • Do a Google search on them to see if you can find any social profiles, particularly LinkedIn. Maybe you can find a mention in a news article. Don’t stop there; you should also search their business.


You never know what nuggets of intel you may find, that you can use in your rapport building.


Question based selling approach will allow you to open doors faster too.  Open ended questions are gold for establishing talking points.  Be yourself and create your identity.