Sales Spotlight: “The Grind”… Sound Mind & Sound Bodies

header-SalesSpotlight.REDUXpsd.jpgEvery sales team goes through up’s and down’s.  This can happen sporadically on a monthly basis, sometimes a weekly basis and even from an hour-to-hour basis.  It is very important to ensure you are always at your best. 

I have always found it refreshing to step away from the phone or the PC and take an additional break to clear my head when having a bad day. Connecting with a colleague to see what they are doing, what is new to their game or routine that you could possibly incorporate to get you out of the “funk”. A sound mind is very important but without a sound body you are out of balance.  

Don’t under estimate the power of proper nutrition to ensure you can slug through one of these days. You will have these days, you will have these weeks; just make sure you do all you can to not self-impose them. Keep yourself sound in mind and sound in the body as you push through the grind.