Sales Spotlight: CRM

We have discussed some of the tools you need to be successful in the sales game.  CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a term we have all used but we are all guilty of not using to its maximum potential.  Even though these tools are readily supplied by your employer and we say we embrace them, we really don’t.  The old adage you can’t manage what you can’t measure is so true.  I feel it rings even louder in today’s one click information and shopping environment we find ourselves in.  I feel we first have to get back to the basics of using a CRM.  With all the new slick apps of the world, which give us easy access to take notes and set reminders we have shied away from CRM.  I still see even some of the top sales executives with loads of paper on their desk and the dreaded post it note is alive and well.


Using your CRM tool to set the proper follow up for the varying opportunity stages is vital to ensuring accurate pipeline management, which if done correct can kill you sales efforts at some point .  Entering the proper notes, dates, times and next steps for a contact not only will help you but it can easily allow management to assist your efforts.  Now you are starting to develop a leveraged sales force mentality, which again is vital as you knock down deals.


I like to work smarter and worker harder… that is just me but time management, organization structure and pinpoint accuracy will help you cut down sales cycles, position your closer to the sale and expand your sales bandwidth.