Robb LeBlanc Appointed To Director Of Mobile Communications

Robb LeBlanc_Director of Mobile Communications_Header

Data Age Business Systems, developer of the industry’s leading pawn management software PawnMaster, is pleased to announce the promotion of Robb LeBlanc to Director of Mobile Communications.

Data Age’s Mobile Communications Department has been growing exponentially in recent years due to the necessity of text messaging in today’s changing market. In 2020, Data Age customers sent over 8.5 million text messages to notify their customers of changes or sales they were holding in their stores. That’s up 12% from the previous year, which had a total of 7.5 million text messages sent from Data Age customers. “Texting is one of the top modes of communications and it is only increasing in waves,” Data Age CEO Len Summa states. “Dedicating a stand alone team to focus on this area of our business not only makes sense for Data Age, but it will deliver great value to our clients in their efforts to profit.”

Moving forward, the Mobile Communications Department will be in the hands of veteran pawnbroker and, now former, Data Age Consultative Account Manager, Robb LeBlanc. “Moving Robb into this position will allow us to deliver front line results to our clients because of the front line experience Robb has from being a top flight pawnbroker for over 25 years…He used text messaging and profited greatly, so he gets it,” CEO Len Summa shares. 

Robb has two main main goals for the future of this department: He wishes to provide the pawn industry with a product that will help sustain their current business model and build on it for the future. His second goal is to organically grow this division, within Data Age, where it provides added employment for the community and provides a source of revenue for the company.

Robb’s belief in the success of text messaging today comes down to one main factor: he’s used it personally in his career.  “I have seen what it can do to produce foot traffic and revenue,” he shares, “text messaging is simply the easiest, most effective way to reach your customers that I’ve ever seen or used. With a 98% read rate, you have a high probability of seeing these customers come to your place of business or, at the very least, call and connect.” 

With Robb as the new Director of the Mobile Communications Department, CEO Len Summa has high hopes for the future of text messaging at Data Age. He projects the department will have a 20% growth in text messages sent among Data Age clients within the upcoming year. Len’s confidence in Robb is evident, and Robb is truly grateful to be given this opportunity within the company that he’s served for two years. “I see the potential for large growth and look forward to helping this division expand Data Age’s strong hold on the second hand industry,” Robb shares, “I would like to thank Len Summa for being at the forefront of the industry and, not only realizing the need for increased mobile communication, but to act on it and allow me to direct this area of our company.”