Refining Matters: Focus on the Pawn Industry


The pawn industry enjoys a unique relationship with United PMR. As the largest US-owned primary refiner in the country, United exclusively services the jewelry industry. A major source of jewelry for recycling and refining is the pawn industry. Dating back to ancient history, the practice of loaning money on portable security has outlasted the test of time. Pawn shops, because of their niche services and customer-friendly business model, have provided much needed funding to customers when other options such as bank loans weren’t available to people.

Among the many items purchased and/or pawned, jewelry has always been a staple in the pawn industry. As jewelry items come out of pawn or the holding period for buys, many shops send their scrap to United for refining. Our commitment to the thousands of pawnbrokers we serve remains true: a fast turnaround with accurate and honest results.

United doesn’t deal in stones except to process your stone removal lots. Once separated from the metal, the stones are cleaned and returned to our customers. This model allows our customers to rest easy knowing the stones they sent in will be returned without the added pressure of the refiner bidding on the parcels they’re holding in-house. At United, our business revolves around metals and that’s all we’re interested in purchasing. Their many reputable stone dealers out there who would gladly buy your stones. As your refiner, we’re just looking to service your account and process your metals.

United is a proud member of the National Pawnbrokers Association as well as various pawn organizations and associations across the country. The staff at United are looking forward to seeing everyone at the national convention and regional shows throughout the rest of 2019.

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