Price Guide

Price Guide_Header.png

As we constantly strive to add value to our products, sometimes the best features can go under the radar.  Over the last 5 years we have put a stronger emphasis on training and consulting our new customers and this has allowed us to introduce more of the features that should be used on a daily basis in the PawnMaster software. 

Unfortunately, there are still too many of our customers that do not know about, or are just not using the internal Price Guide.  Located on the bottom right side of the screen when entering a pawn or buy item description, this tool is invaluable to your employees making better decisions at the time of transaction.  The guide uses your historical data to provide the employee with,

  1. The average, high, low and median amount that you typically loan, buy and sell this item for.
  2. How many of this particular item you currently have in stock right now.
  3. How many days this item sits in inventory prior to being sold.

Since Pawnmaster is using your own data, you don’t need to worry that the numbers are inaccurately being shown from somewhere else across the country or from inexperienced sellers.

Utilizing the Price Guide along with the customer statistics, gives you and your employees a much better return on the items that you decide to bring into your store.