Our Focus on Industry Education

Being the global industry leader and continually bringing on more than 30 new stores every month, we embrace our status as the tip of the spear when it comes to helping our clients advance their business. Below is some of the feedback we have recently received.

“Thank you very much for your hospitality. Richard did a great job with the training and I would highly recommend the course to anyone getting started with PawMaster, or looking to get better. I will definitely keep in touch, the better we know how to use your program, the better we can be.” Joe Genovese A-OK Enterprises, LLC Wichita, Kansas

“This was fantastic. This training should be a requirement for all new pawnshop owners!” Daniel Donaldson from Hometown Title & Pawn LLC from Haleyville, Alabama

Over the years, with the help of our dedicated clients, Data Age has been able to stay ahead of the curve and grow with our clients because of the day-to-day collaboration and feedback we receive from them on so many fronts. As we continue to work hard to increase our market share, we do understand the uniqueness of our industry. Our goal is to continue to grow with our clients through high standards of execution and integrity. Staying true to our goal and belief is why we understand and embrace the need for continued education.

  • Education through knowledge share (even working with our competitors to ensure we are doing all we can to serve the industry first)
  • Education through feedback from our clients (and yes, taking our lumps and using them as an opportunity to get better)
  • Education through understanding our clients critical business issues and designing advanced programs to help them.

This includes a host of programs we have developed at Data Age University but it also includes partnering with the best companies in the business like the PCG gang. Even though there is extensive growth opportunities in this industry, we understand the opportunities are contained to the men and women who have dedicated their lives to their business. These handful of people provide a huge service to our communities and we will continue to pull out all the stops to ensure they have a real go to partner as they advance their business. We are hosting several clients a week at Data University and we continue to advance our efforts to fill in this vast informational void in our industry… as stated, stay tuned, more coming very soon on this.

Have a great Q2 all.