Laser Drilled Diamond Information & Clarification


Laser Drilled Diamonds
Information & Clarification

Whether or not you choose to sell a diamond that has a laser drill is up to you, but you should at least be educated about them…



What is a Laser Drill?
(The Technical stuff)
A laser drill is a permanent process that does not alter the weight of the diamond as much as .001 carats. The process bleaches internal black imperfections by a chemical process done through a 20-25 micron channel created by a focused laser or infrared energy.
This process is permanent, leaves no residue, and does not change the weight of the diamond. This process should NOT be confused with ‘Yehuda or Fracture Filled’  treatments, which involve infusion of foreign material into a natural diamond. The laser process involves infusion of no such materials. The laser process bleaches an internal black inclusion using a focused laser.




GIA hardly cares about drills and you shouldn’t either 
Laser drilled is such a non issue at GIA,that they ONLY put it in the Key to Symbols! 





Why Drilled Diamonds are Awesome
1) What’s Not Treated these days?
Emeralds are oiled, sapphires are heated. Heck, every diamond that comes out of the ground looks like salt! Gems have all been “treated” in some way.

) It’s Like an Open Box Sale
We have all bought that open box at Best Buy. Yes maybe it has a scratch on it, but for SAVINGS most people are thrilled
3) A Treated Diamond is Like a Car
Let’s say you see a new car for $30,000. A dealer down the road has the same car for $18,000 only because it had a dent that was repaired. They look the same! Why wouldn’t you want the one for $12,000 less?




Think of a drill as
a CUT, but just inside the diamond.

 I heard 25 years ago you never even had to disclose a drill. It was only when filled diamonds came out that disclosure was needed.

Drilled vs. Synthetic
If a customer is on a budget, I would much rather 

sell a 

diamond with 
treatment over a synthetic 
A treated 
is still a natural diamond 
mined in the earth, 
it is still rare, 
unlike a synthetic diamonds.

Show Customers 

the Difference
When you tell customers about treated diamonds, they shy away because they have NOTHING in their minds to picture.
But once you show them HOW MUCH BIGGER they can get for the same amount of money, most customers LOVE IT. 


 A good tip to help find the value of a drilled diamond is to take the price the diamond would have appraised for and make the appraisal for
 the diamond for about
30% less.