How We’ve been Helping Pawn Brokers for 30 Years


When Data Age was formed nearly 30 years ago, we didn’t have the pocket mobile phone, we didn’t have unlimited access to the internet and laptops and tablets were unheard of in regular use. Yes, those were the dark ages alright, but computers and software were still making a difference in the business world.

Speed, efficiency, calculations, analtyics and reporting were the buzz words then. Sound familiar? Yes, all the things that made software great back then are still relevant today. But what I believe makes the ultimate difference in the software industry beyond the software is helping the shop owner in a hands-on manner and taking the time to listen. Is there a secret sauce to having a successful business?  I’m sure there is to a certain extent but what keeps customers coming back is simply taking care of them. Yes, good ol’ customer service and actually caring about their business and livelihood enough to listen to their concerns. Not such a secret sauce the way I was raised; it was just plain common sense and the way you treat people.

Some of the best ways to help a shop owner out is to listen to their business issues. This bolstered our product with every release as we catered to the needs of the customer.  As more customers came on board, more ideas and needs were brought to our attention. The development path was never hard when your customers were giving you the road map every day. This ideology of helping the shop owner bring efficiencies in their business and more profit to their bottom line, while providing top-notch customer service didn’t seem special to us because it was second nature, but it did seem new to the industry. And now, nearly 30 years later we still promote the same mantra of quality products with great customer service.